Historic news: 100% clean energy bill passes off House floor

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Climate hero legislators draw energy from 100% Campaign advocates and allies, including Fresh Energy. Photo credit: 100% Campaign

Late last night, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed an omnibus energy and economic development bill, HF 2208, which puts our state on a path to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050. This monumental bill—which cleared the House in a 74-59 vote—now moves to the Senate.

Fresh Energy enthusiastically applauds Speaker Melissa Hortman and her colleagues for passage of this omnibus bill, which would ensure cleaner buildings, cleaner transportation and cleaner energy for our state. While the bill sets an aggressive goal, it also provides Minnesota with the tools to actually get there– cost effectively and with benefits for everyone.

We thank Governor Walz for his exemplary leadership in proposing a visionary yet pragmatic package of energy reforms, including the Clean Energy First Act that prioritizes renewable energy over fossil fuels whenever a utility proposes to replace or build new electricity generation, as well as Energy Optimization, which will help Minnesota families and businesses save on their utility bills by using energy more efficiently.

We urge the Senate to continue this positive momentum and build the 100% clean energy economy our state needs and which climate change demands.

Fresh Energy’s executive director, Michael Noble, released the following statement in response:

“Today’s historic vote for 100 percent carbon-free energy is a testament to decades of work from stakeholders across Minnesota. Leaders from multiple sectors—the faith community, clean energy businesses, impassioned youth, labor unions, and environmental advocates alike—all have rallied together to ensure a healthy future for our state. Fresh Energy is proud to stand behind Minnesota leaders like Speaker Melissa Hortman, Chair Jean Wagenius, and Vice Chair Jaime Long, who are committed to bold and forward-thinking climate action—at the scale and speed Minnesota needs.”