Be part of climate action in the Midwest

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Give to the Max Day is coming up this Thursday, November 18, and we hope you will join us in celebrating Minnesota’s Giving Holiday by making a donation to support Fresh Energy. Your donation at could award Fresh Energy a prize grant ranging between $500 and $10,000!

Fresh Energy has dedicated the last three decades to working on the climate crisis and thanks to our efforts, more Minnesotans than ever are talking about the role of clean energy in fighting climate change.

The continued cycle of once-unthinkable extreme weather events coupled with an ongoing global health crisis have confirmed that Minnesota and the Midwest are at serious risk—along with the rest of the world—and the time is now to act.

This year, Fresh Energy chalked up some pivotal accomplishments, using research and advocacy to generate solid progress in fighting global climate change here at home.

  • Fresh Energy led a coalition to help Minnesota become the Midwest’s first Clean Cars state with stricter-than-federal tailpipe emissions standards and more electric car choices for consumers coming soon. 
  • At the Minnesota Legislature, we helped pass the Energy Conservation and Optimization (ECO) Act, which modernizes our state’s bedrock energy efficiency policy and invests in under-resourced communities. 
  • We also spearheaded an effort at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to ensure that even before coal plants are closed entirely, they now only run when absolutely necessary.

But it’s time to do more, and you are an essential partner in this work. Will you make a gift to Fresh Energy to ensure that together, we can continue to make progress at this critical moment?

It’s clear that clean energy is the linchpin of any climate solution and with the help of supporters like you, Fresh Energy will enter the new year ready to keep on tackling critical issues standing in the way of Minnesota’s clean energy future.

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