Fresh Energy’s 25 years of progress on renewable electricity

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Then: When Fresh Energy was founded there was almost no renewable electricity on our energy system. The decision to use wind and solar at that time would have been done almost entirely for the sake of their environmental benefits at the expense of a significant premium in terms of cost.

Now: Minnesota is set for a massive increase in solar and wind. We’ve already grown our renewable energy markets dramatically – from around 5 percent back in 1992 to nearly 20 percent today. Common sense public policy and rapid advancement of clean energy markets and technology have made wind and solar the best option on economics alone.

Next: With so many businesses, communities, and families looking to invest in renewables, the way projects get constructed and connected will only become more critical.  We’re working to shape the rules of the game to ensure clean energy projects can move forward without getting slowed by red tape. By transforming our economy to run on clean electricity, we can truly unleash the momentum in the market for clean energy.