Fresh Energy statement: Xcel Energy’s commitment to 100 percent carbon-free electricity is leading our clean energy future

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The recent reports from the United Nations and the 13 federal agencies of the United States government make the reality crystal clear: we have an urgent need to achieve a 100 percent carbon-free electric sector as soon as it is achievable. Fresh Energy applauds Xcel Energy, Minnesota’s largest utility, for taking bold action today in announcing that it will deliver completely 100 percent carbon-free energy by 2050 and an 80 percent reduction by 2030 as the near-term benchmark.

The energy efficiency and renewable energy that can and must be at the center of this strategy will bring enormous economic and public health benefits to the state. Xcel’s significant investments in solar and wind energy, storage, and electric vehicle infrastructure will accelerate this shift.

Fresh Energy executive director Michael Noble released the following in response: “The human economy must be carbon neutral by mid-century and 100 percent carbon-free energy generation is the essential foundation. Xcel Energy’s decision is a nation-leading example for all utilities to follow, including Minnesota’s cooperatives, municipal, and other investor-owned utilities. We look forward to working with Xcel and other utilities to help Minnesota achieve this goal and also electrify everything we can—cars, buses, water heating, and space heating.”