Fresh Energy statement: Rolling back efficiency standards makes absolutely no sense

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Today, the White House announced a proposal to roll back fuel efficiency standards that were established as part of a common sense agreement between automakers and policymakers. The proposal would freeze fuel efficiency targets from 2020 through 2026 rather than continue to incremental increases that have already been agreed to, and also begins a public comment process on revoking the Clean Air Act waiver that allows California and other states to put rules in place for tailpipe emissions.

Fresh Energy executive director Michael Noble released the following statement in response:

“Fuel efficiency standards save people money while reducing harmful air pollution. They are one of the most foundational win-win energy policies in place at the federal level. Rolling back those standards will increase fuel costs for consumers and needlessly pollute our air in our neighborhoods. Removing states’ ability to manage pollution in their own communities will exacerbate those negative impacts. It makes absolutely no sense.”