Fresh Energy statement on the introduction of Senator Tina Smith’s American Energy Efficiency Act of 2019

In response to Minnesota Senator Tina Smith’s federal energy efficiency standard bill introduction today, Fresh Energy’s executive director Michael Noble issued the following statement:

“Climate change poses an existential threat – not just to our environment, but to our health, our communities, and our economic well-being. The American Energy Efficiency Act of 2019, introduced today by Senators Tina Smith of Minnesota, Angus King of Maine, and Jeff Merkley of Oregon, is a critical part of the comprehensive set of solutions our nation needs to address the climate crisis and ensure that cost-effective energy efficiency continues to grow and benefit every American in every corner of the country.

Built upon Minnesota’s and twenty-five other states’ successful best practices and strategies, Senator Smith’s bill is a practical yet effective way to encourage electric and natural gas utilities to implement programs that reduce energy waste, cut consumer energy bills, and decrease the amount of climate and health-harming pollution from fossil-fuel generation. Americans are calling for 100% clean and equitable energy, and maximizing energy efficiency has been– and will continue to be– the foundation to that future.”

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