Fresh Energy Statement: Clean energy, climate, and the defense of human rights 

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Today, the Supreme Court issued a decision overturning the longstanding Roe vs. Wade decision that promised the constitutional right to abortion and privacy for 50 years.

Fresh Energy has a 30-year history of clean energy and climate policy thought leadership and innovation. Over the years and especially today, Fresh Energy has benefitted from individuals of all genders acting in staff leadership roles, as well as on the board of directors—all crucial to helping the organization doggedly pursue its mission. Fresh Energy believes in supporting our staff as humans first to accomplish all they can in our climate and clean energy work. Nearly two-thirds of Fresh Energy staff identify as women and are industry and thought leaders in the clean energy and climate space.

At its core, access to clean energy is about reducing harm. Clean energy is better for human health, the environment, as well as our air and water. Clean energy leads to better health outcomes for all.

At its core, the access to the type of healthcare an individual chooses is about reducing harm. Access to healthcare is a human right and access for all genders leads to better health outcomes for all.

Fresh Energy supports the human rights of all, including the human rights of women, transgender, and gender nonconforming individuals in Minnesota, the Midwest, and beyond.

Fresh Energy’s team and their contributions are crucial to achieving our vision of a just, prosperous, and resilient future that benefits everyone—and Fresh Energy fully supports our staff. To express that support, earlier this summer we launched an internal process to re-envision the next, expanded iteration of Fresh Energy’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Fresh Energy is also collaborating with Minnesota-based Team Dynamics over the next year on staff workshops, training, and implementation focused on taking a thoughtful and inclusive approach to internal culture. Stay tuned.