Encourage the Minnesota Legislature to keep up the momentum!

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Last year set a high bar for impactful policy at the Minnesota Legislature! In addition to the monumental 100% clean electricity law, our elected leaders also advanced a plethora of other clean energy and climate programs. Check out this blog post for a refresher on what happened last year.

Because the Minnesota Legislature got so much done last year, it means the 2024 session is a relatively blank slate filled with exciting opportunities for new, innovative, and effective policies. And Fresh Energy is working to lay the groundwork so the next tranche of clean energy and climate policy that is hears at the Minnesota legislature is as impactful as possible and builds upon the good work done last year.

A key way the legislature can start building on last year’s momentum right away is by supporting policies that will have a big impact on emissions right out of the gate — one of these areas is policies impacting our buildings sector.

  • It’s a bonding year, that means the state will be putting forward capital investments in our infrastructure — which includes our public buildings! The state has a set of sustainable building guidelines called Sustainable Building 2030 (SB2030), which were developed by the University of Minnesota and are designed to increase building performance over time. Projects funded by bonding bills are required to meet these energy-efficient guidelines—which create energy savings for buildings across the state. Our elected leaders should maximize every available dollar for bonding, in turn driving energy efficiency via SB2030 in our public buildings and saving money for taxpayers.
  • Other innovative policies the address building decarbonization like a clean lighting bill that would phase out all lightbulbs that contain mercury as well as resources for school to upgrade their physical infrastructure and double down on the existing Minnesota Solar on Schools program success.

But this year’s legislative session is short! That means the work will be intense and fast-paced. Will you join Fresh Energy in urging our elected leaders to make sure they prioritize hearing and moving clean energy and climate legislation that can help Minnesota build on last year’s momentum?