Creating an inclusive workplace: gender equity

Fresh Energy has made an intentional commitment to including gender pronouns in our organizational communications because we believe respect around gender identity helps organizations and businesses ensure their staff feel welcomed and comfortable while at work. Studies have shown that inclusive work environments also drive successful results and attract top talent.

At Fresh Energy, everyone deserves the respect of being referred to in a way that aligns with their identity.

What are Pronouns?
Pronouns are used in language when we refer to ourselves or other people. Common pronouns in use are:

  • he/him/his (for someone who might identify as male),
  • she/her/hers (for someone who might identify as female),
  • they/them/their (for someone who identifies with a gender outside of the male/female gender binary, these pronouns are considered gender neutral)
  • zie/zim/zis (another example of a gender neutral option)
  • and many more options!

Ensuring our workplace reflects our commitment to the talents, skills, experience and energies of all people requires intentional actions and deliberate policies. At Fresh Energy, we strive toward an inclusive workplace where all staff can be their best and whole selves and most effectively advance solutions that secure a clean energy future where all can thrive.