Charging up the Midwest

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Electric cars are becoming a more common sight on Minnesota roads, getting people where they need to go with no tailpipe emissions and powered by home-grown electricity instead of volatile, expensive imported fuel.

Minnesotans are recognizing that electric cars are both high-performing and cost-effective. It is easy to charge an electric car at home, and a growing network of charging stations in public places, workplaces, and multifamily buildings, are creating more options. Efforts are also underway to electrify buses which are a significant source of air pollution.

Despite our progress, Minnesota and the Midwest still lag far behind the coasts in electric vehicles. But that is changing.

Fresh Energy and a team of partners have launched Charge Up Midwest, a campaign to speed the transition to electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions from transportation across the region.

Campaign partners are working with a broad range of people and organizations—including utilities, auto dealers, city leaders, and decision makers at all levels of government—to support actions that increase investment in electric vehicle infrastructure, create a more resilient and low-carbon grid, expand education of the public and policymakers about the benefits of electric vehicles, and otherwise accelerate the production, sales, and access to electric vehicles in the region for all Midwest residents.

Campaign Partners include:

Stay tuned for updates as Fresh Energy continues to move from polluting transportation to clean electric cars and buses. And never hesitate to reach out if you want more information on driving electric!