Angelica Imhoede

Angelica Imhoede is a native of the Twin Cities that has spent over a decade in the Risk Management industry. Her experience lies in Compliance, Corporate Risk, Internal Audit and Financial Services. She currently works for Wells Fargo as an Audit Project Manager on the Corporate Risk team. Prior to joining Wells in early 2019, Angelica worked in consulting for almost 4 years specializing in the finance service industry. Her clients included banks, insurance companies, FinTech and brokerage firms.

Angelica currently resides in New Hope, Minnesota with her husband and son. She is currently a graduate student part time at the University of St. Thomas majoring in software engineering with a minor in Data Science and is looking to move her career in a more technical aspect.

Her prior board experience has been serving on the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) for 6 years as both the Treasurer and Student Communications Coordinator. After that Angelica served on the board most recently as the Diversity and Inclusion Chair of Financial Executives Institute (FEI). Angelica believes in creating equality for everyone and closing the wealth gap in America.