Action Alert: Thank your senator for passing 100%!

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The Minnesota Senate made history by passing the 100% clean electricity bill on Thursday, February 2, 2023. This bill puts Minnesota back on the map as a clean energy and climate leader in the United States and is now headed to the desk of Governor Tim Walz to be signed into law. People from all corners of the state spoke up in support of 100% and helped make this effort a success. This is a big deal and a truly historic moment as we build a clean energy future together. Will you send your senator a note to say thanks?

Not sure how your senator voted on 100%? No problem! Scroll to the list at the bottom of this page or fill out the form below. The form will only populate if your senator voted “YES.”

Learn more about the 100% clean electricity bill and use the form below to thank your representative.

Minnesota senators who voted “YES” on the 100% clean electricity bill:

  • Senator Liz Boldon 
  • Senator Jim Carlson 
  • Senator Bobby Joe Champion 
  • Senator Steve A. Cwodzinski 
  • Senator D. Scott Dibble 
  • Senator Kari Dziedzic 
  • Senator Omar Fateh 
  • Senator Nick A. Frentz 
  • Senator Heather Gustafson 
  • Senator Grant Hauschild 
  • Senator Foung Hawj 
  • Senator John A. Hoffman 
  • Senator Matt D. Klein 
  • Senator Mary K. Kunesh 
  • Senator Robert J. Kupec 
  • Senator Ron Latz 
  • Senator Alice Mann 
  • Senator John Marty 
  • Senator Erin K. Maye Quade 
  • Senator Jennifer A. McEwen 
  • Senator Nicole L. Mitchell 
  • Senator Zaynab Mohamed 
  • Senator Kelly L. Morrison 
  • Senator Erin P. Murphy 
  • Senator Clare Oumou Verbeten 
  • Senator Sandra L. Pappas 
  • Senator Susan Pha 
  • Senator Lindsey Port 
  • Senator Aric Putnam 
  • Senator Ann H. Rest 
  • Senator Judy Seeberger 
  • Senator Bonnie S. Westlin 
  • Senator Melissa H. Wiklund 
  • Senator Tou Xiong