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Minnesota has always been a yes-we-can kind of place. We’re innovators. We introduced open-heart surgery and invented scotch tape.  We led one of the world’s first projects to bring electricity to people living in rural areas. Our secret to success?  We believe in each other, we care for each other, and we imagine our future together.

Fresh Energy and our partners have been building a future where the next big thing is clean energy. Wind and solar power is being made here and now– across Minnesota, by Minnesotans. Together we are moving away from fossil fuels that pollute our air and water and damage the climate.  We should decide how we power our lives.

That’s why Fresh Energy is all in for the 100% Campaign: a statewide, multi-racial, intersectional campaign to build an equitable clean energy economy that works for every Minnesotan.

Over the next months we’ll be working alongside dozens of community groups, clean energy organizations, and unions to make Minnesota the next 100 percent clean energy state. 
Our future belongs to us, but it won’t happen without action that is urgent, intentional, and inclusive. Together we can build a just transition to an economy that powers our lives with equitable and clean energy.

Learn more about the 100% Campaign and their commitment to making Minnesota a better place for everyone and add your own name as an endorser of the campaign.


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