Welcome back, J.

Fresh Energy and I are exceedingly pleased to share that our science policy director, J. Drake Hamilton, is back at the office. After a few short and miraculous months of recovery following her serious head injury, J. has been high-fived by her medical team to return to work full-time. 

J. is deeply appreciative of the kind letters, comments, and all-around outpouring of support she’s received over the past few months. She has greatly missed her work advancing our state to a carbon-free future and is looking forward to digging back in.

J. was also pleased to accept the Environment Initiative Critical Collaborator award at a honoree ceremony on May 22. Environmental Initiative works across sectors with business, nonprofit and government leaders to develop collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental challenges. The Environmental Initiative Awards celebrates that spirit of collaboration. A team of supporters at Xcel Energy nominated J. for this prestigious award. Check out Twitter for special moments of the event.

Fresh Energy staff and I would finally like to thank the thousands of wonderful people—including colleagues, friends, fans, and even sympathetic strangers—who’ve rallied behind J. You all have been a source of strength and warmth to us. Thank you for your incredible support.

J. is an active tweeter and first shared news of her return on her personal account—don’t miss her latest updates as she jumps back into work.

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