Weigh In On Clean Cars

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Governor Walz recently announced that Minnesota is moving forward with adopting rules that will deliver vehicles to the Minnesota market that produce less climate-change-causing pollution and will result in cleaner, healthier air for Minnesotans.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is tasked with writing the rule to implement this policy, and they are currently accepting public input. It’s important that MPCA hears your feedback to inform them as they develop the rule!

Get involved! Take a moment to submit an online comment here by December 6th. Simply telling the MPCA why you support this rule will be impactful. More information on the rulemaking and request for comments can be found here. You can also sign up to receive email notifications of rulemaking developments or scheduled meetings, and read more about what to expect in the coming months.

Here are just a few reasons Fresh Energy supports Clean Cars Minnesota:

  • Transportation is the largest emitting sector of climate-change-causing pollution. It is essential to reduce emissions from burning fossil fuels in order to meet the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals and fight climate change.
  • Cleaner cars mean cleaner air. Last year, air pollution from sources like cars and trucks contributed to 4,000 deaths in Minnesota.
  • Communities of color and low-income communities currently bear the brunt of negative health impacts from air pollution. Cleaning up emissions from transportation is an environmental justice issue.
  • Minnesotans deserve access to the full range of electric vehicles on the market. The Clean Cars rule will increase the number of electric vehicles available for purchase in the state.
  • Minnesotans are ready for electric vehicles. Six out of ten consumers are interested in electric vehicles, and 30% of Minnesota consumers would consider buying or leasing one in the next two years. More people recognize that electric cars are cheaper to maintain and fuel, and they are more affordable than ever.
  • Automakers – including Ford and GM – have announced plans for dozens of new electric models in the next five years, including twenty electric SUVs and crossovers. States with clean car standards will have greater access to these vehicles.

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