Weigh in on CenterPoint Energy’s rate case

CenterPoint Energy currently has a “rate case” before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and CenterPoint customers have the chance to have their voice heard. With a rate case, customers not only have the opportunity to weigh in on how a utility’s decisions will affect their monthly bills but there is also a chance to urge the utility to make good, future-focused investments.

CenterPoint Energy customers have until April 11, 2022, to weigh in on some outdated and untested policies that are contributing to higher gas bills and climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions. Speak up and have your voice heard!

Join Fresh Energy in asking the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to:

  • Require CenterPoint to reduce its investment in new gas line extensions. Each year, CenterPoint spends about $20 million on main line and service line extensions that existing and future customers foot the bill for. With our modern and clean electric grid powering homes and appliances, these types of policies make less and less sense as our dependence on burning natural gas in our homes decreases.
  • Require CenterPoint to take stock of its natural gas system before undertaking a surge of spending on updates that would affect all customers, but especially under-resourced households. CenterPoint plans to spend $1 billion on updates to the existing natural gas system in the coming years but a more holistic discussion must first be had about Minnesota’s gas utilities about the costs and benefits of accelerated system replacement.
  • Urge CenterPoint to incorporate new hydrogen pilots into existing regulatory framework allowing for thorough evaluation. The Natural Gas Innovation Act (NGIA) was passed with the goal of accelerating innovative work around alternative fuels—like CenterPoint’s hydrogen pilots. By using the framework, the pilots will be considered within the bounds of the new regulations and against other alternative resources like electrification and energy efficiency.

Need more info? Read our explainer for a deeper dive into the details of CenterPoint’s rate case and Fresh Energy’s formal comments.

If you’re a CenterPoint customer, you can speak up using our easy online form with sample comments drafted to get you started. Fresh Energy will file the comment on your behalf on April 11 at noon.