Because we can’t wait

We’re experiencing a collective time of change unlike any other in human history, and Minnesota’s transition to clean energy hangs in the balance. Even though these are challenging times, at Fresh Energy we believe that taking action for the future is more important than ever.

Minnesotans care deeply about a clean energy future, and Fresh Energy is shaping and driving actions to ensure our recovery from COVID-19 is rooted in a strong, equitable clean energy economy. With the federal government rolling back environmental protections, we can’t look away for one moment. Fresh Energy is here for you, keeping climate and energy front and center.

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For the safety of the community, Fresh Energy transitioned to a virtual office, but our work continues without pause. We’re charging full steam ahead to speed Minnesota’s transition to a clean and equitable energy system—leveraging opportunities for systems change at this critical time.

Because we can’t wait.

Fresh Energy’s policy expertise and advocacy are crucial to keeping Minnesota moving forward on the path to a clean energy future.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the help of supporters like you, Fresh Energy has taken action to:

  • Advocate for Crucial Updates to Existing Minnesota Energy Programs. The ECO Act, an important energy efficiency bill, has been progressing through the Minnesota legislature with bipartisan support. The ECO Act is a key part of Governor Walz’s One Minnesota Path to Clean Energy and has long been a policy priority for Fresh Energy staff. With its major updates to existing energy efficiency and electrification measures, as well as job and economic development initiatives, ECO stands to be one of the most significant pieces of recent Minnesota energy legislation. Read more.
  • Push back on unprecedented attacks on federal clean air protections. The federal government is moving forward with tailpipe emissions rollbacks—an irresponsible and reckless action. Moves like this starkly illustrate the importance of state-level action, including the Clean Cars Minnesota rulemaking Fresh Energy has helped advance with Governor Tim Walz and his administration. Clean Cars Minnesota will reduce emissions from vehicles and give Minnesota consumers more vehicle choices—an obvious way to tackle greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector in our state. If the federal government won’t lead, Minnesota will. Read more.
  • Shape a more equitable and accessible energy system. States across the country, including Minnesota, are taking unparalleled measures to protect utility customers, shedding light on the systemic inequities present within our current energy system. Fresh Energy is pivoting to identify how we can turn our current volatility into an inflection point for our expectations for an energy system that serves all Minnesotans. Read more.
  • Advance zero-carbon electricity and a modern grid through utility decisions. Multiple processes are underway at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, and the stakes are high. Utilities and their regulators are deciding now about how to modernize the grid, how much to invest in wind and solar, and when to close coal plants. Fresh Energy is the front line nonprofit leader shaping and advocating for the strongest possible momentum, ensuring we solidify our transition away from coal and natural gas and toward clean, low-cost, zero-carbon options. Read more.

We need you to keep Minnesota moving forward, not backward, on climate action at this crucial time. Please make a gift to Fresh Energy today.

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