Technology, innovation, and energy

A child born in Cairo, Egypt, Ramez Naam went on to become a leading expert on technology and innovation. On October 5, Ramez Naam will keynote Fresh Energy’s inaugural fundraising breakfast, bursting with insights that with the right policy framework, another wave of technology innovation just might be genius enough to maximize our chances of overcoming one of humankind’s most daunting and intractable problems: climate change and fossil fuel dependency.

Fresh Energy welcomes our summer fellows

Fellows help power Fresh Energy programs – and provide professional experience to emerging clean energy leaders. This summer, Fresh Energy is excited to welcome our summer fellows Ana Diaz, Kate Strickland, and Saskia Zinn. We also recently said farewell to our spring fellow Dave Evans.

DRIVE – NEUTRAL – REVERSE: What’s shifting the electric vehicle market?

The market for electric vehicles (EVs) has been developing rapidly over the past several years. As the market matures, it has the potential to make a dramatic impact not only on the auto industry but electric utilities, consumers, and the entire electric grid. To make sense of it all, we took a look at which market forces are shifting EVs into DRIVE, which are keeping the market in NEUTRAL, and which are moving things in REVERSE.