December 2019 Supporters

To continue our work, we rely on the generosity of people like you who care about America’s energy future.

Thank you to our Power Circle members for their generous support in December:

An Anonymous Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Carol Andrews, Anonymous, Kerrie Blevins and Mike Walstrom, Third Level Design, David J. Chizek, David and Kitty Crosby, Davies-Sommer Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Dennis and Nickie Dillon, John and Susan Dunlop, EcoTrust, Alan and Lollie Eidsness, Christopher Ennis, Laura and Cody Fleischfresser, John and Mary Garcia, Steven Jorissen, Gary Konkol, The Egan Lawless Family Fund, Leuthold Family Foundation, The Lilja Family Foundation, Jennifer Melin Miller and David Miller, George Muellner, Chris O’Brien, Gary and Susan Rappaport, Melissa Rappaport Schifman and James Schifman, Peter and Anne Reich, Amber Rudell, Gary Schokmiller, Venkatesh Srinivas, The John Larsen Foundation, The Nash Foundation, Barb and Louis Turner, Paul White, Susan and Rob White

Thank you to our Fresh Sustainers for their generous monthly, quarterly, or annual support in December:

Richard and Sharon Aadalen, Stuart Ackman, Matthew and Kirsten Anderson, Nancy Andrews, Anonymous (2), Jason Astleford, K Bancroft, James Barott, Eric and Lisa Berglund, Ralph and Mary Brindle, Stephen C Brown, Richard Condon, Brian Coyle, Kyle R. Crocker, Don and Jean Dahlstrom, Rob and Liza Davis, John and Susan Dunlop, Lannell Farmer, Katie and Rick Fournier, Laurel Gamm and Charles Stephens, Allen and Andrea Gleckner, Christine Gleckner, Tom Hagan, William and Marlene Haider, Lani Hanson, Lucinda Johnson, Steven Jorissen, Kathy Koch, John and Barbara Krenn, Amelia Kroeger, Brad Larson and Jennifer Johnson, James Loewen, Jean and Arnold London, Ian MacDonald, David Marvosh, Donald McClure, Bob and Mary Moncur, Lori Olinger, Steve and Shelley Orr, Brian PaStarr, Cheryl Persigehl and Jonathan Flak, Erik and Melanie Peterson-Nafziger, Lela Porter, Mary E. Savina, Robert Secor, Maria Surma Manka and Joram Manka, Dennis L. Thompson, Drew Turro, Bailey Veesenmeyer, Dolores Voorhees, Jered Weber, Jason Willett, Andrew Zimmer

We recognize these members for their generous support in December:

Cino Adelson, Barbara Allan, Joanne Alt, Allan Amis, Donna Anderson, Anonymous (28), Leo Babeu and Pat Schmieder, Sheila Bayle and Glen Olson, Joni and Patrick Bennett, Jim and Marsha Benshoof, Bill Berneking, Ellen Biales, Marv and Judi Boike, George Boody and Ann Risch, Laura Bretheim, Marilyn and Rodney Broding, Char Brooker, Terrance Brueck, Douglas R Carlson, Carolyn Carr and Jonathan Sellman, Amy and Greg Caucutt, Jane Cerhan, Mark V. Chapin, Gregory Chester, Thomas Christiansen, Jackie Connolly, Stewart and Lesley Crosby, Paul Debevec, Paula DeCosse, Kathy and Gary Denault, Cahrene and Dan Dimick, Steven and Terry Dondlinger, The Donovan Family, William Dow, Jennifer Love and Chris Duffrin, George Dunn and Donna Harris, Joshua Durst, EcoLab Foundation, Kate Ellis, Betsy Engelking, The Estee Lauder Companies Matching Gifts, Leslie Everett, Helen Fairman, Dan Falbo and Margaret Tehvan, Daniel and Jane Fark, Don Ferber, Mark Gamm, Laurie and Scott Gauer, Ray E. Goebel, Google Matching Gifts, Bob Gubrud, Laura Halferty, Andy and Dee J. Hall, Melissa Driscoll and Jay Hambidge, Lynne Hancock, Roberta Rott and Larry Hanke, Shawntera Hardy, Dick Harmon, Martha Harris and Bradley Nagel, Shawn Hartfeldt, Dan Haugen, Harold and Jeanette Hawkanson, John Heer and Jody Copp, Mary Heller, Nancy Read Hendricks, Hank and Marjorie Heystek, Janelle and Paul Hidgem, Paul Hoff, Paul and Linda Holt, Paul and Lynn Hunt, Anne Hunt, Sandy and Steve Hunt, Monica and Rex Ingram, Erick and Natalie Jacobson-Dunlop, Terry Jaffoni, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew & Emily Jarrett Hughes, Amy Crawford and Alice Johnson, Tim Johnson, Margit and Eric Johnson, Clifford and Betty Johnson, Sarah Johnson Phillips, William Jones, Margaret Kearns, Scott Keely, Erin Kelly, Slade Kemmet and Katie Harrington, Joanne Kendall, Andrew Kes, Anne Kimber, Wendy Klager, Robert and Kathleen Klukas, David Knoblauch and Suzie Woodrich, T.E. Koehler, Dan and Harriet Kohen, K.M. Kowalski, Robert Kriel and Linda Krach, Sundial Energy, MinnSolar, Nicholas Krueger, Peggy Kvam, Steven and Jenifer Leitch, Bill and Lu Lindstrom, Jamie Long, John and Mary Ann Lundquist, Leslie MacKenzie and Peter Foster, Bill Mahlum Jr., Christopher Mallin, Thomas and Sandra Mallon, Douglas Malmgren, Lynne and Howard Markus, Ann and Rex Martin, Don McAdam, Sean McCauley, Tom and Nancy McDougall, Mary McKelvey, Kristen Mertens, John Metzger, Microsoft Matching Gifts, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Saulius Mikalonis, Todd Milbourn, Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association, Kathy Harker and Curt Moe, Paul and Karine Moe, Catherine Morehouse, Lee Morgan, Navigate Forward, Carl Nelson, Robert Nevitt and Donna Portner, Lentz/Nixon Blue Sky Charitable Giving Fund, Jean M. Noble, Kim Norton, Jesse Okie and Mary Harrington, Terry Olsen, David Osterberg, Nancy Palmer and Michael Hopps, JoAnn and Eric Pasternack, Karyn and Stephen Paulman, Ken Paulman, Garry George and Beth Pearlman, Eva Pesch, Kathie Peterson, Dennis Phayre, Pollen Midwest, Andy and Cheryl Polzin, Tom Porter, Kevin Porter, Noelyn and Truman Porter, Ann Marie Possis Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Cindy Pratt, Gregory Pratt, Riv-Ellen Prell and Steven Foldes, Quirsfeld Campbell Family Foundation, Karl Rabago, Mary and Benjamin Rae, Molly Redmond and Steve Ring, Tom Reed, Mary Rehwaldt, Bob Reichert, Jeff Riegle, Lori Riley, Rosedale Chevrolet, Tina Rosenberg, Robert Rossi, Marvin Rothfusz, Gregory T. Rotter, Robert and Lynn Rudell, Sandy and Jim Rummel, Carole Rust, Tim Sandry and Ellen Wersan, Paul Schollmeier and Chris Meyer, Sue and Kevin Schreurs, Kathleen Schuler, Rebecca and Louis Schwartzkopf, Chad Selmecki and Nan Madden, Daniel Marc Shiplacoff, Carol Sievers, Patrick Simpson, Sara Skinner, Nell and Chris Smith, Brett and Kathy Smith, Sean P. Smith and Ryanne Overom, Mary and Doug Smith, Nan and Gerry Snyder, James Southwick and Joan Sundquist, Rachel Speck and Lee Wallace, Catherine and Michael Spengler, Philip Spensley, Sky Stanfield, Kjell and Melissa Stenberg, Ronald and Diane Stevens, John Linc Stime, Hannah Texler, Melvin and Sharon Thelen, Mike Tidwell, Mike and Jessica Tobin, Michael Troutman and Amy Blumenshine, JoAnn Trygestad, George Tully, John and Sally Turrittin, UnitedHealth Group Matching Gifts, Don Vasatka, Curt and Sue Volkmann, Megan H Voorhees, Lance Vrieze, Jenna and Mark Wade, Jean and Dwight Wagenius, Jay Walljasper, The Wangerin Family, William Weber, John and Marlene Weber, Judith Weir, Larry Weiss, Richard and Sandra Westby, Betty Wheeler, John Masiulis and Marise Widmer, Steve Wilson and Mary Shedd, Katy and Dave Wortel, Xcel Energy Foundation, Peter and Peggy Yackel, Charlie and Julie Zelle, Jackie and Steven Zimmerman, Lori Zook-Stanley and Joseph Stanley