June 2018 Supporters

To continue our work, we rely on the generosity of people like you who care about America’s energy future.

Thank you to our Power Circle members for their generous support in June:

Matthew and Kirsten Anderson, John and Susan Dunlop, Charles and Candice Nadler, Jane Newman and Amy Lange, The David Winton Bell Foundation

We recognize these members for their generous support in June:

Richard and Sharon Aadalen, Karen R. Achberger, Stuart Ackman, Sandy Ahlstrom, Tom Anderson and Nancy Conger, Nancy Andrews, Anonymous (3), K Bancroft, Eric and Lisa Berglund, Ralph and Mary Brindle, CQB Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Richard Condon, Brian Coyle, Kyle Crocker, Don and Jean Dahlstrom, Rob and Liza Davis, Steve and Judy Elkins, Laura and Cody Fleischfresser, Katie and Rick Fournier, Kent Fritz-Smead, Laurel Gamm and Charles Stephens, Allen and Andrea Gleckner, Christine Gleckner, Sharon Grimes, William and Marlene Haider, Tim Hebrink, Lucinda Johnson, Kathy Koch, John and Barbara Krenn, Amelia Kroeger, Jeanne Landkamer, Richard Larson, Brad Larson and Jennifer Johnson, Mark Lindquist and Kristi Schlangen Lindquist, Jean and Arnold London, Lotti Matkovits, Donald McClure, Bob and Mary Moncur, Rich and Raymonde Noer, Lori Olinger, Steve and Shelley Orr, Scott Alsleben and Ellen Palmer, Brian PaStarr, Lela Porter, Matt and Rochelle Privratsky, Scott Privratsky, Mary E. Savina, Robert Secor, Gregg Severson, Philip Spensley, Maria Surma Manka and Joram Manka, Dennis L. Thompson, Thomson Reuters Matching Gifts, UnitedHealth Group Matching Gifts, University of Minnesota, Sam and Megan Villella, Dolores Voorhees, Beth Waterhouse and Don Maronde, Jered Weber, Jason Willett, Shawn Willy