December 2020 Supporters

To continue our work, we rely on the generosity of people like you who care about America’s energy future.

Thank you to our Power Circle members for their generous support in December:

Michael Allen, An Anonymous Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Kerrie Blevins & Mike Walstrom, Brad and Julie Blue, Third Level Design, Paul and Shannon Burke Donor Advised Fund, David J. Chizek, Davies-Sommer Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Mary Dolan – The Longview Foundation, John and Susan Dunlop, Alan and Lollie Eidsness, Alison Forney, Gary and Ammie Gronert, Ross and Monique Hammond, Roberta Rott and Larry Hanke, Nancy Johnson and Paul Anton, Gary Konkol, Alice Lesney, Leuthold Family Foundation, The Lilja Family Foundation, Jason & Catherine Lipinsky Charitable Fund, Ann Manning, Sean McCauley, Medtronic Matching Gifts, Forrest and Joan Meyer, Tom Mueller, Jan and Rick Neville, Chris O’Brien and Jane Alexander, Olseth Family Foundation, Pfund Polakoff Charitable Fund, William and Markell Rahr, Anne and Peter Reich, Todd Reubold, Raymond F. Schmitz, Gary Schokmiller, Venkatesh Srinivas, Nancy Gibson and Ron Sternal, The John Larsen Foundation, The LuLu Foundation, The Nash Foundation, Barb and Louis Turner, Michael Vennewitz, Peter and Kimberly Walsh, Wenz Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Eleanor and Fred Winston – The Longview Foundation, Mary Woollen and Clark Heindl

Thank you to our Fresh Sustainers for their generous monthly, quarterly, or annual support in December:

Richard and Sharon Aadalen, Karen R. Achberger, Tom Anderson and Nancy Conger, Matthew and Kirsten Anderson, Nancy Andrews, Jason Astleford, James Barott, Eric and Lisa Berglund, Ralph and Mary Brindle, Stephen C Brown, Richard Condon, Kyle R. Crocker, Don and Jean Dahlstrom, Drew Davis, Rob and Liza Davis, John Dyer, Lannell Farmer, Katie and Rick Fournier, Kent Fritz-Smead, Laurel Gamm and Charles Stephens, Sandra Goodyear, Tom Hagan, William and Marlene Haider, Lani Hanson, Bob and Nancy Hassett, Lucinda Johnson, Steven Jorissen, Mike Kemper, Kathy Koch, John and Barbara Krenn, Amelia Kroeger, Brad Larson and Jennifer Johnson, James Loewen, Jean and Arnold London, Ward Lutz, Ian MacDonald, David Marvosh, Donald McClure, Bob and Mary Moncur, Lori Olinger, Steve and Shelley Orr, Douglas Owens-Pike, Ellen Palmer, Brian PaStarr, Lela Porter, Angela Robinson, Robert Secor, Gregg Severson, Maria Surma Manka and Joram Manka, Dennis L. Thompson, Drew Turro, Dolores Voorhees, Robert and Ellen Wahlstrom, Jason Willett, Andrew Zimmer

We recognize these members for their generous support in December:

3M Foundation, Spencer Almen, Frank Altman, Donna Anderson, Anonymous (37), Marcia Baer, Erika Bailey Johnson and Matthew Johnson, Paul Bakken, Sheila Bayle, Carol Bechtel, Jay Benanav, Joni and Patrick Bennett, Jim and Marsha Benshoof, Tom Berg, Martin and Sheila Berger, Ellen Biales, Marv and Judi Boike, George Boody and Ann Risch, Boston Scientific Matching Gifts, Rob Bouta, Tom and Mary Florence Brink, Alex Broekhof, Brooklyn Creative League, Elton and Emily Brown, Laura Brown, David Brown, Terrance Brueck, Greg and Lisa Buck Charitable Fund, CQB Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Joseph and Carol Burke, Michael Buza, Douglas R Carlson, Lee and Ann Carlson, Amy and Greg Caucutt, Kathie Cerra and Frank Cerra, Alan Chen, Daniel Clarkin, Nate Clay, Jerry Cleveland, Julie Close, Kenneth A Colburn, Lauren Colwell, Roy Coulombe, Brian Coyle, Karl Craine, Paul Debevec, Frank DiNovo, Alan Norton and Kathleen Doran-Norton, Amy and Justin Dritz, Anita S. Duckor, Jennifer Love and Chris Duffrin, George Dunn and Donna Harris, Stephen Metruck and Peggy Duxbury, EcoLab Foundation, Dawn Einwalter, Betsy Engelking, Jay Futterman, Leslie Everett, Ken Fairchild, Daniel and Jane Fark, Ethan Fawley and Lesley Schack, Don Ferber, Tess Fields, Scott Firman, Bob Fitzwilliam and Margee Stienecker, Flint Hills Renewable Energy & Efficiency Cooperative, Inc, Ron Fraboni, Tom Fraser and Mary Strand, Tomoko Fujiwara, Irene E. Leech, General Mills Matching Gifts, Lucas Giese, Frank and Gilbert Family Fund, David Gilhooley, Julie and Jim Gilkinson, Ray E. Goebel, Walter Goga, Andy Goke, Google Matching Gifts, Allen – Gorin Just Needs Fund, Don and Gerry Grant, Kevin Greene, Margaret Hasse and David Grothe, Bob Gubrud, Laura E. Halferty, Melissa Driscoll and Jay Hambidge, Dennis and Cheri Hamilton-Diesem, Geoffrey Hancock, Virginia Hanson, Shawntera M Hardy, Richard Harkrader, Paul Harle, Jesse Okie and Mary Harrington, Shawn Hartfeldt, Hawn Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Matt Hayes, Seth Heald, Lisa Herschberger and Mark Clary, Hank and Marjorie Heystek, Janelle and Paul Hidgem, Paul and Mary Hoff, Thomas and Vicki Holm, Linda Holt, State Representative Frank Hornstein, Sandy and Steve Hunt, Mark and Julie Huseth, Monica and Rex Ingram, Paul R. Iversen, Dana Jackson, John and Thelma James, Maryjo and Mark Jerve, Mike J., Alice Johnson and Amy Crawford, Clifford and Betty Johnson, Virginia Johnson Kressin, Catherine Jordan and Steve Lick, Phyllis Kahn, Jeremy Kalin and Hope Frisch Kalin, Jeff Kart, Meg Kearns, James Keller and Patricia Johnson Keller, Jay Kemp, Joanne Kendall, Marc Khouri, Anne Kimber, Audrey Kingstrom, Wendy Klager, Robert and Kathleen Klukas, David Knoblauch and Suzie Woodrich, T.E. Koehler, Larry and Cynthia Koehler, Harriet and Daniel Kohen, Lawrence Krantz and Diane Pittman, Nicholas and Donna Krueger, Bruce Labno, Michael and Mildred LaFontaine, Colles and John Larkin, Cindy Larson O’Neil and Tom O’Neil, Sue and Tom Leaf, Brian and Lee Leines, State Senator Mike Barrett, Lynn and Steve Lewis, Lauren Lindelof, Bill and Lu Lindstrom, Megan L., John and Mary Ann Lundquist, Maggie Madden, William Mahlum, Thomas and Sandra Mallon, Bridget Manahan and Joe Alexander, Dylan Mansur, Cornelia Butler Flora, Nancy Mason-Johnson, Thomas Matkovits, Don McAdam, Mike & Fran McCloskey, Mark McGough, Barbara McIlquham, McInnis Systems, Jim and Kim McKenzie, MDV-SEIA, Sean Meany, Diane Meier, Beth Mercer-Taylor, Kristen Mertens, Microsoft Matching Gifts, Stacy Miller, Linda Miller, Christopher Miller, Peter Millman, Mindy Miner, MinnSolar, Paul and Karine Moe, David and Nancy Moe, Charles Mollenkamp, Briana Moore, David Martinez Jr., Susan Myran, Blue Delta Energy, LLC, Christina Nichols, Jean M Noble, Christian Noyce, Julie OBrien, Terry Olsen, Jo Olson, George Laur, Bharat Parekh, Lynn Parins, Tanya Paslawski, Steve & Karyn Paulman, Ken Paulman, Daniel Pauly, Eva Pesch, John and Pat Peschman, Kathie Peterson, Judith Peterson, Doug Petty, pdon pinkham, Linda and Doug Ploof, Steve Polasky, Tom Porter, Kevin Porter, Ann Marie Possis Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Erik & Lynndelle Pratt, Dan Quillin, Corey Ramsden, Wallace McMullen, Molly Redmond and Steve Ring, Terry Richards, Henry B Robertson, Sam Rockwell, Katherine Rogers, Stephen Rose, Michael and Peggy Roske, Gregory T. Rotter, Robert and Lynn Rudell, Sandy and Jim Rummel, Carole Rust, Allen J. Sames, Tim Sandry and Ellen Wersan, Steven R. Sarafolean, Mary E. Savina, Ben Manuel, Steven C Schechter, Jim Scheidt and Peggy Larson, Paul Schollmeier & Chris Meyer, Kathleen Schuler, Lenore Healey Schultz, Terri Schultz, Bob Schumacher, Louis Schwartzkopf, Jan Scofield, Chad Selmecki and Nan Madden, Erich Selvig, Sean P. Smith and Ryanne Overom, Nell and Chris Smith, Brett and Kathy Smith, Samuel Soltermann, Rachel Speck and Lee Wallace, David Stein, September Steinolfson, Charlotte Stephens, Jason Stoffel, Tom Strobel, Joe Strommen, Marcia and Wesley Sundquist, Paul Swenson, Dean Taylor, The C Three Group, Melvin and Sharon Thelen, Jillian Theuer, Michael Thimmesch, Warren Thompson and Lisa Kirkland, Thomson Reuters Matching Gifts, Tigercomm, Mike and Jessica Tobin, Carla Tollefsrud, Katherine Tomford, Walter Treichel, JoAnn Trygestad, George Tully, Dale and Rose Turnacliff, UnitedHealth Group Matching Gifts, Richard and Carolyn Vandendolder, David and Lynn Vander Haar, Chris VanLokeren, Marilyn Vialle, Mike Vickerman, Mary Vlazny, Ann and Karl Vohs, Tony Wallace, Joe and Cindy Walz, Jane and John Warren, Kevin Watts, Janiece Watts, William Weber, John Wenzel, RIchard and Sandra Westby, Laura Hannah and Julian White, Anne F Wildenborg, Wesley Holmes, Steve Wilson and Mary Shedd, Winona Renewable Energy LLC, Carol Witte and Winston Cavert, Carol Woehrer, Xcel Energy Foundation, Peter and Peggy Yackel, Dan and Tana Yarano, Capstone Community Action, H.Z., Charles Zelle, Jackie and Steven Zimmerman