May 2019 Supporters

To continue our work, we rely on the generosity of people like you who care about America’s energy future.

Thank you to our Power Circle members for their generous support in May:

Brad and Julie Blue, Jay and Page Cowles, John and Susan Dunlop, Cody and Laura Fleischfresser, William and Markell Rahr, David Robinson and Jan Ekern, Thomas and Georgina Russo, Venkatesh Srinivas, Thrivent Choice, Medora Woods

Thank you to our Fresh Sustainers for their generous monthly, quarterly, or annual support in May:

Richard and Sharon Aadalen, Stuart Ackman, Nancy Andrews, Anonymous (2), Jason Astleford, Kara Bancroft, Eric and Lisa Berglund, Brad and Julie Blue, Ralph and Mary Brindle, Stephen C Brown, Richard Condon, Brian Coyle, Kyle R. Crocker, Stewart and Lesley Crosby, Don and Jean Dahlstrom, Rob and Liza Davis, John and Susan Dunlop, Lannell Farmer, Katie and Rick Fournier, Laurel Gamm and Charles Stephens, Allen and Andrea Gleckner, Christine Gleckner, William and Marlene Haider, Lucinda Johnson, Steven Jorissen, Kathy Koch, John and Barbara Krenn, Amelia Kroeger, Brad Larson and Jennifer Johnson, James Loewen, Arnold and Jean London, David Marvosh, Donald McClure, Bob and Mary Moncur, Lori Olinger, Steve and Shelley Orr, Ellen Palmer and Scott Alsleben, Brian PaStarr, Erik and Melanie Peterson-Nafziger, Lela Porter, Scott Privratsky, Mary E. Savina, Robert Secor, Maria Surma Manka and Joram Manka, Dennis L. Thompson, Bailey Veesenmeyer, Dolores Voorhees, Jered Weber, Jason Willett, Medora Woods

We recognize these members for their generous support in May:

3M Foundation, Sandra M. Ahlstrom, Anonymous (2), Gary and Sharon Borg, Daniel Clarkin, The Estee Lauder Companies Matching Gifts, Tim Gulden, Donald Hanson, Charlie Hautman and Julane Hautman, Judy and Alan Hoffman, Monica and Rex Ingram, Catherine Jordan and Steve Lick, Joanne Kendall, Peter and Pam Leschak, Matt Luong, Tim and Dianne Madsen, Stacy Miller, Emily Moore, Larry Muelken and Renee Kaiser-Muelken, Emma Nadler and Chris Thomson, Bruce Nelson and Barbara Watts, Walter Pearson, Todd Pierson, Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc., Pat Renner, Lola Schoenrich and Peter Oppenheim, Margaret Schreiner, Ruth Ann Starr, Kathy Tingelstad, Marian and Mike Tuomala, Dale and Rose Turnacliff, UnitedHealth Group Matching Gifts, Richard and Carolyn Vandendolder, Don Vasatka, Kathleen Weflen and Lou Ferreri, Richard and Sandra Westby, William and Rebecca White, Peter Wyckoff