Post-election results show momentum for clean energy

Candidates receiving education from Fresh Energy at a non-partisan training opportunity.

November 6 was a big day for Minnesotans across the state! Post-election results show positive momentum for clean energy with many newly elected candidates pledging support for greater integration of renewable energy into our electric grid. Minnesotans want clean energy and many of our newest elected leaders have voiced support for a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and swift action on climate change.

This past summer, Fresh Energy engaged with many of these political candidates through our non-partisan Candidate Education tour. Offered to all candidates in major political parties, the tour highlighted our work in speeding Minnesota’s transition to a clean energy economy and made clear how smart energy policies help shape the market and drive change. Throughout this campaign season, more candidates were openly talking about clean energy than they have in a very long time—and voters stepped up to voice their support. Minnesota’s new governor-elect, Tim Walz, spoke clearly about his support of renewable energy and climate action, and received more votes than any gubernatorial candidate in state history.

We’re pleased to share that twenty-one candidates who attended one of our Candidate Education sessions or received information from us won their campaigns! Fresh Energy believes this upcoming legislative session will build positive change for forward-thinking policies that advance the integration of wind, solar, and storage into our energy system. In fact, our state has already reached its current Renewable Electricity Standard of 25 percent by 2025. Better yet, we could achieve 70 percent solar and wind energy by 2050, according to the latest MN Solar Pathways report. We are eager to dig deeper into making these goals a reality during this next legislative session. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming legislative agenda and what we hope to accomplish.

There’s still time to let governor-elect Walz your thoughts on clean energy! We’ll hand deliver your message to him on a special postcard. Make your submission here.

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