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Current Job Openings 

Current Internship/Research Opportunities 
Interns are a vital part of our work and program.  Each year different programs at Fresh Energy may have short-term internships which may relate to your field of interest.  If this interest you at all click on the link to learn more about our past interns and their experience!  We have a register of applicants and their interest on file.  Should you want to submit your profile and interest please send your cover letter and resume to: Fresh Energy Team (  

 Our Interview Process 
A typical interview process at Fresh Energy will involve a team from different sections of our organization including a board member depending on the position. The team will ask both technical as well as behavioral type questions.  You will typically be called for a second interview if the interview team believes your background and your personal goals align with our mission in your first interview.  The process between the first to the second interview typically takes 1 month depending on the time of the year.  The time between June – September will take longer with staff taking their deserved time-off. A shorter third interview is not typical but could be part of the process too.   

If you could demonstrate in past experiences that you are able to cross-collaborate in a team setting, to learn to accept you are sometimes wrong; and move on, and be autonomous to get the job done, then Fresh Energy may be the right fit for you.