Minnesota showcased for Drive Electric Week

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post-top-EVs-Ross-AbbeyDrive Electric Week, running from September 12-20, 2015, is a great example of how Minnesota is quickly becoming a leader in electric vehicles. With numerous events at venues ranging from the Mall of America to the Saint Paul Farmer’s Market, the week’s activities aim to engage the public in learning about the widespread economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.

Minnesota’s events are part of National Drive Electric Week, which started in 2011 as National Plug-In Day. The celebration of electric transportation has been growing rapidly since then ─ last year, events in 150 cities around the U.S. drew (in) 90,000 participants, more than doubling attendance from the previous year.

Minnesota is following a similar trend of growth. Last year’s “Twin Cities Drive Electric Day” featured EV owners at the State Capitol. This year there are five official events:

As a kickoff to the week’s official events, the PEV Owner’s Circle is also hosting a panel at the State Fair’s Eco Experience on Saturday, September 5, at 2:00PM and again at 5:00PM.

Even more inspiring than the increase in volume, however, is the caliber of the events this year. EVs will not only feature at highly-trafficked spots in the core Twin Cities, but will also branch out into rural electric cooperative territory, promising to draw new audiences into the world of electric transportation.

Most impressively, however, are the speakers lined up for Fresh Energy’s Smart and Fast event. The breakfast will feature two high profile national EV advocates: Bob Graham, director of the US Department of Energy’s EV Everywhere Program, and Mayor Greg Ballard, who has made Indianapolis the first major city in the United States to commit to the conversion of its entire municipal non-police fleet to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Of all the places to be during Drive Electric Week, national leaders in EVs chose to come to Minnesota. Don’t miss the opportunity to join them.

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