Minnesota Partners Collaborate on Energy Code Compliance

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home buildingThanks to the work of Fresh Energy and its partners, new energy codes took effect in Minnesota in 2015 that aim to decrease energy consumption of new homes and commercial buildings by twenty and thirty percent respectively.

The Minnesota Energy Code Compliance Collaborative (MECCC) was created in order to ease the transition and ensure that new homes and buildings are meeting code in the most cost-effective and healthy ways possible. Participants in the collaborative have included builders, contractors, code officials, state agencies, energy raters and companies, utilities, and energy advocates. To fulfill its mission statement, the collaborative has formed subcommittees dedicated to addressing specific issues related to energy code compliance.

The MECCC has recently launched a new website to be a resource to code officials, buildings, and contractors who are working to implement everything from slight upgrades in wall and roof insulation and windows, to some bigger jumps in commercial lighting, HVAC and duct efficiencies, and residential envelope air tightness.

The group is also assisting with a series of hands-on trainings and educational seminars related to energy code changes. Alison Lindburg from Fresh Energy will be presenting on updates of the MECCC at the Minnesota Building Performance Association’s October 7th event,  The Status of the New Energy Code – A Panel Discussion, and the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s 6th Annual Energy Code and Benchmarking conference November 3-5th. Stay tuned for more energy code educational opportunities.

If you have questions regarding the new energy codes, or would like to participate in the MECCC, please contact Alison Lindburg.

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