Meet MK, Fresh Energy’s new Senior Policy Associate, Energy Transition!

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Fresh Energy’s leadership team believes that hiring is the most important thing we do. And that’s because it’s true! Our team of technical and policy experts and advocates engages in transformative efforts every single day to push our state closer and closer to a clean energy future built by and for everyone who calls Minnesota home. Please join us in welcoming a new member to our team, MK!

Fresh Energy’s new Senior Policy Associate, Energy Transition, MK Anderson. Photo/MK Anderson.

Hailing from Sparta, Wisconsin, MK Anderson—who uses they/them/she/her pronouns—has recently joined Fresh Energy as our Senior Policy Associate, Energy Transition. In their role at Fresh Energy, MK will play a significant role in driving Fresh Energy’s work on clean transportation and clean fuels, working in coalition with Fresh Energy’s partners and collaborators to ensure that Minnesota’s transportation sector continues making progress toward a carbon-neutral economy.

Before coming to Fresh Energy, MK worked for the Iowa Energy Office serving as the team’s subject matter expert on all things alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology. In this role, they also served as Coordinator of the Iowa Clean Cities Coalition, a group working to increase the use of alternative fuels across Iowa. MK has also spent time working for Ever-Green Energy, Eureka Recycling, and the United Nations Environmental Program. MK holds a B.S. in Applied Economics, Environmental Track with a minor in Sustainability from the University of Minnesota. In their free time they enjoy singing, acting, hanging out with friends and family, traveling, trying to keep their plants alive, and giving lots of love to their dog, Bailey.