Laura Hannah brings utility, business expertise to Fresh Energy

After ten years of experience in the private sector, Laura Hannah joined Fresh Energy in September as a new senior policy associate on the energy markets team. In that role, Laura will lead Fresh Energy’s work on policies to integrate increasing amounts of clean energy on the grid by improving the way distributed energy resources are connected and valued.

While Minnesota has long been a leader on clean energy, we continue to lag behind other states in the way we connect resources to the grid. If the process is too long and inefficient, it creates extra costs for everyone involved – hurting businesses and consumers. During her time at PG&E, Laura was charged with making the process of connecting resources to the grid as efficient as possible, ultimately driving down costs by 68 percent for the utility.

Along with her experience at PG&E, Laura has worked with some of the largest solar businesses in the country. Over the past year, Laura has worked as an independent contractor for Fresh Energy on key projects – including working with utilities and businesses in Minnesota to propose a brand new interconnection process based on national best practices.

Now, as a full time member of the Fresh Energy team, Laura is excited to carry the interconnection improvements, and other key policies, across the finish line.

“I believe that energy reform and grid modernization is the responsibility, and will be the legacy, of our generation. And I am thrilled to be contributing to that mission in my home state of Minnesota,” Laura said. “My wide range of experience – including SolarCity, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Google X – has provided surprising and valuable lessons on how to effectively create change within a complex energy landscape.”

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