Edison Power Circle

Membership in the Edison Circle is extended to Fresh Energy members contributing a total of $2,000–$4,999 in a fiscal year.

Thomas Edison (1847–1931) is America’s iconic industrial inventor and savvy businessman. His genius for transferring technology from the lab to the market was, as he put it,“…1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” The Edison Circle celebrates the inspiration and hard work necessary to successfully harness new energy sources.


Edison Circle members are thanked and recognized by*

  • Connection to Fresh Energy’s policy work; access to policy strategy and discussion. Connect with executive director and/or policy staff.
  • Invitation to annual Power Circle reception
  • Fresh Insight (insider electronic publication)
  • Member’s nonpartisan energy event posted to website and Fresh Energy’s Facebook event page (one per year, as possible and appropriate)
  • Acknowledged by circle on renewal in Energy Matters (quarterly print and electronic publication)
  • Acknowledged by circle in annual report (print and electronic)
  • Listed on Fresh Energy’s member web page
  • Acknowledged by circle on Fresh Energy’s Facebook info page
  • Circle leadership name tag at events

*Members may choose to be anonymous for any of these recognitions.

In addition, all members may subscribe to or participate in

  • Powering Progress, monthly electronic publication
  • Energy Matters, quarterly print and electronic publication
  • Midwest Energy News, daily news digest
  • Notices and invitations to events throughout the year
  • Twitter feed
  • Member webinars