Helping ensure a cleaner, more equitable, and connected East Metro

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Post top benFresh Energy-driven policies are creating new opportunities for communities to become cleaner, more connected, and more equitable.

  • New and improving programs can help renters and home buyers make informed decisions and save money on their utility bills,
  • Cleaner transportation systems can move people out of polluting cars and into transit, walking, biking, and electric vehicles powered by wind energy.
  • Community solar programs crafted and secured by Fresh Energy are giving more people access to clean solar energy; and
  • More energy-efficient schools can save school districts money and improve school buildings.

To help local communities make the most of new policies, and shape improvements to benefit everyone in the community, Fresh Energy is expanding its work with local leaders and civic organizations. Saint Paul and the East Metro area are already doing great work on clean energy. Fresh Energy, a Saint Paul organization based in the Historic Hamm Building, is excited to announce that through the support of the St. Paul Foundation and Bigelow Foundation we are launching expanded work to do even more.

Ben Passer will be leading Fresh Energy’s East Metro initiative. A policy associate in our Electricity Markets program, Ben is a graduate of William Mitchell College of Law. The recipient of a Stinson Leonard Street Diversity Scholarship, he previously worked as a law clerk at the Department of Commerce where he focused on energy and other issues, with further experience with Honeywell International and the Minnesota Legislature.

During the next year, our work in the East Metro will be particularly focused in helping communities and local leaders take advantage of exciting clean energy and transportation opportunities in multifamily affordable housing, community solar, and active transportation. Fresh Energy is working to launch a group led by East Metro renter advocates to address the numerous equity issues that arise with regard to energy efficiency and multifamily housing. Fresh Energy is also committed to working with housing partners throughout the state to explore novel and innovative solutions that will enable more East Metro families and households to access community solar. Finally, Fresh Energy will continue to reach out to Saint Paul businesses and employers to encourage support of the Saint Paul Bike Plan.

If you are interested in connecting with Ben, send him an email at Stay tuned for more updates regarding our progress in the East Metro, with more communities yet to come. Fresh Energy is excited to help make the East Metro an enjoyable and vibrant community for all.

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