Fresh Energy welcomes our summer fellows

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Fellows help power Fresh Energy programs – and provide professional experience to emerging clean energy leaders.

This summer, Fresh Energy is excited to welcome our summer fellows Ana Diaz, Kate Strickland, and Saskia Zinn. We also recently said farewell to our spring fellow Dave Evans.

Find out more about these fellows and their priority projects —


Ana Diaz

Ana Diaz is a Chuck Green Civic Engagement Fellow for Fresh Energy’s Engagement program. In her role, Ana is supporting Midwest Energy News’ 40 Under 40 award program. Her work includes evaluating and designing the website, promoting the program across the Midwest, providing day-to-day support for the nomination process, and leading on other engagement activities as needed. Ana is an undergraduate student from Macalester College studying Political Science and Hispanic Studies.


Kate Strickland

Kate Strickland is an energy data analysis fellow supporting our Energy Markets and Energy Performance programs.  In this role, Kate will be researching data for our efficiency and electricity markets teams, including evaluating different energy efficiency implementer models, and preparing a rate design proposal for the public utilities commission.  Kate is an energy policy master’s student at John Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C.  Prior to graduate school she worked as the development manager at Milkweed Editions in Minneapolis, and with The JET Programme in Kyoto, Japan.


Saskia Zinn

Saskia Zinn is a communications fellow working on Fresh Energy candidate education program this summer. Working across various policy teams, Saskia is helping shape non-partisan educational materials to help inform legislative candidates across the state about Minnesota’s energy system and what opportunities we have to move it forward. Saskia is a recently graduate of the University of Minnesota, Morris she helped coordinate their sustainability partnership with Saerbeck, Germany.


Dave Evans

Finally, we said goodbye to our spring energy data analysis fellow, Dave Evans.  Dave is a graduate of the Humphrey school and has had internships with Minnesota Power and Innovative Power Systems.  He supported our electricity markets team on data analysis and in-depth research to support Fresh Energy’s policy work with the latest solar prices, electric vehicle policies, and energy efficiency numbers across utilities and the country.

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