Earth Day

This year, Fresh Energy is focused on retiring Minnesota’s number one source of carbon pollution: coal-burning power plants.

It’s not a pipe dream. In the last few months, our work has resulted in closing coal operations at five different units across Minnesota.

It’s time to move past our reliance on old and expensive coal and clear the path for rapid clean energy development and the thousands of jobs it will create.

But we need your help.

At Fresh Energy, we make the complex task of fighting climate change simple for you.


1. Contact your U.S. senators and urge them to support meaningful action under the Clean Air Act to set the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from coal-burning power plants.

Amy Klobuchar: 612-727-5220 | 202-224-3244
Al Franken: 651-221-1016 | 202-224-5641

2. Donate to Fresh Energy and help us replace Minnesota’s dirtiest, least economic coal-burning power plants. Need more motivation? The Energy Foundation will match the full amount of your contribution!

Call. Donate. It’s just that simple.

Thank you for helping us fight climate change, one clean energy policy at a time.

Online fundraising for Earth Day 2013