Duluth affordable housing project saves energy, lowers costs

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IMG_4195-3-545x420Last week, Duluth-based One Roof Community Housing and Center City Housing announced that the Steve O’Neil multifamily housing complex achieved the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star certification, the first multifamily project in Minnesota to do so. The Energy Star certification requires that a multifamily building incorporate various measures to meet strict efficiency guidelines, resulting in at least 15 percent greater energy efficiency than a building constructed using standard practices. Upon completion, multifamily apartments are also inspected and tested to ensure that they meet Energy Star specifications.

Energy efficiency is critical to allowing all families to live in clean, affordable communities. One Roof’s Executive Director, Jeff Corey, stated that the Steve O’Neil building will “provide important benefits for both residents and the environment.” Thanks to One Roof’s commitment to energy efficiency, residents of the Steve O’Neil apartment building will benefit from increased comfort, lower energy costs, and decreased pollution. The developers benefit as well – Center City Housing Executive Director Rick Klug said, “Achieving the Energy Star certification helps keep the operations affordable over the long haul. Programs like Steve O’Neil apartments operate on extremely tight budgets and this helps us continue being able to house homeless families.”

Residents and developers alike have much to gain from energy efficiency in multifamily housing. As the first multifamily project to achieve Energy Star status,  One Roof and Center City will serve as a valuable model for how to conserve energy and lower costs all within the affordable housing framework.

(Photo credit: One Roof Housing)

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