December 9 | Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Gas!

As 2020 draws to a close, Minnesota prepares to lead the midwest in adopting Clean Car Standards, increasing access to electric vehicles for all Minnesotans who choose to drive. Join MN350, Xcel Energy, Shift2Electric, and Union of Concerned Scientists on Wednesday, December 9 at 6 PM to hear what is changing in 2021 for electric vehicles. We’ll be talking about Xcel’s new home charging program and what’s changing in the state and nation on electric vehicle access and affordability. The moderated panel session will begin at 6:00 and shift to an audience Q & A for the latter portion. 

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Panelists include:

Alisa Sobczak – Xcel’s Electric Vehicle Portfolio Manager 

Wondering how to charge an electric vehicle easily and affordably? Get a sneak peak on Xcel’s new home charging program from Alisa Sobczak, Xcel’s Electric Vehicle Portfolio Manager. After a successful pilot program, Xcel is launching a new home charging program for electric vehicle owners this December. Alisa will share about this as well as Xcel’s vision to get 1.5 million more electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

Jukka Kukkonen – Shift 2 Electric

Curious how to make the most of an electric vehicle? Wondering which EVs are most resilient in Minnesota winters? Jukka will answer these questions and more. Jukka is a long time electric vehicle advocate, with expertise on owner experience and the electric vehicle market.

Alyssa Tsuchiya – Union of Concerned Scientists

Alyssa will speak about what’s happening around clean car standards not only at the national level, but here in Minnesota. Alyssa will be discussing the state of Minnesota’s climate action and the upcoming Clean Car Standards, including opportunities to get involved.

Automotive manufacturers are racing to own the 21st century car market by moving to electric vehicles (EVs). Leading auto manufacturers are spending billions to create new models, and even GM plans to up its game and release 30 EVs globally by 2025. Minnesotans are already demanding greater choice in low- and zero-emissions vehicles, but fewer than half of the EVs for sale in the U.S. are available in Minnesota. If we want to chart a safer, more sustainable future for our transportation system, we need to clear the way for more EVs in our state.

Tune in to the live panel to learn more about the Clean Cars rule, home charging programs, how to navigate the process of purchasing an EV, and more. Click here to RSVP!

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