Dear future governor: Minnesotans want clean energy

Update 1/15/19: Postcards have been delivered to Governor Walz! We collected nearly 100 submissions, all with personal messages about your commitment to clean energy. Thank you for sharing your voice and making sure our newest leader understands the urgency of this work!

Minnesota’s next governor will play a vital role in building a carbon-free, zero-emissions future in Minnesota. We can and must be clean energy leaders here in the Bold North, and Fresh Energy is connecting the collective voices of Minnesotans who’ve taken a stand and said: yes, we care about clean energy.

This fall, we launched a postcard series, compiling and collecting messages from motivated Minnesotans who’ve stepped up for clean energy. Take a look at what some people have to say to our future governor:

“As the leader of the country’s largest builder of renewable energy, I can verify clean energy generates reliable electricity at a fraction of fossil fuel plants… now is the time to transition to a 100 percent carbon-free society!”


“Clean energy means improved health, breathing clean air, and a better future for the next generation… and many generations to come.”


“Help us set the bar as the leaders in clean energy solutions for the United States!”


“I am a pastor of a low-income community that would deeply appreciate energy efficient solutions that are accessible to all economic strata. Thank you for not only ‘helping’ us but allowing us to lead.”


“Clean energy helps the economy, provides a local source of energy from a secure domestic source, enhances equitable access to resources, and has a dramatic impact on community health.”


“Clean energy: it just makes sense!”

What is Fresh Energy’s message to the future governor, and Minnesotans across the state? To reduce the worst impacts of climate change, we need bold action. By 2030, 60 percent of Minnesota’s electricity must be from wind and solar, and half of our cars and all of our buses should run on clean electricity. By 2045, we need 100 percent carbon-free electricity powering a completely carbon-neutral economy.

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