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Minnesota is poised to pass Clean Cars Minnesota, a standard that would reduce climate change-causing air pollution and increase customer choices. But in order to make this happen, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) needs comments of support from you and as many Minnesotans as possible by March 15, 2021.

MPCA is accepting oral comments and written comments about Clean Cars Minnesota. These comments are critical in helping inform decision making and next steps. If you’d like to attend a public information session or testify at a virtual hearing, more details can be found on MPCA’s site here.

If you’d like to submit your written comment online, please take five minutes and use our simple, two-step process to customize and submit your Clean Cars Minnesota comment.

Step 1: Choose a comment that is meaningful to you.

To help you get started, we’ve put together some example responses that you can copy, paste, and edit using your own voice. Click the “+” to drop down the various options and then highlight, copy, and paste the text that is meaningful to you into the form in Step 2. Already know what you want to say? Click here to jump to the submission form.

Sample Comments About Environment and Climate

I’m an outdoorsperson and I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Minnesota is a great place to be an outdoorsperson but climate change is threatening our way of life. Cars and trucks on the roads are the #1 source of climate change-causing pollution in our state and nationally, so we need to act NOW to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before it’s too late. Clean Cars Minnesota is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to slowing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. Let’s act now before all the changes we’re already seeing become permanent. 

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Clean energy is here to stay. The clean energy jobs sector is growing at a rapid pace, at this point clean energy is almost always cheaper than fossil fuels, and we can harness wind and solar energy right here at home in Minnesota. The time to save our climate is now and we can only do it if we fully embrace a home-grown clean energy economy that doesn’t harm our communities, air, lakes and forestClean Cars Minnesota is one piece of the puzzle that help Minnesotans transition to a zero emission futureat a faster pace.  

I care about our environment and I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Climate change is threatening Minnesota’s forests, water, and air. Our winters are already warming faster than the national average, and our northern boreal forests are at risk of disappearing. Cars and trucks on the roads are the #1 source of climate change-causing pollution in our state and nationally so we need to act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before it’s too late. Clean Cars Minnesota is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to protecting our environment. Reducing vehicle emissions will slow climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s act before it’s too late. 

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. I’m a young person and I believe the future is in our hands. We need to do everything we can right now to reduce carbon emissions and save our communities and environment. Clean Cars Minnesota is another step on Minnesota’s path to cutting climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions and saving our state, country, and planet. 

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Communities of color and under-resourced communities currently bear the brunt of negative health impacts from air pollution - especially pollution caused by transportation. Policies like Clean Cars Minnesota are a step toward dismantling policies and other systemic barriers that disproportionately harm Minnesota’s most vulnerable and marginalized communities. 

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Clean car standards aren’t new. They’re an established and credible way that states can work to clean up pollution from transportation. Fourteen other states and the District of Columbia have already adopted clean car standards which seems like a really wise call considering that the federal government is actively working to roll back emissions standards. Clean Cars Minnesota reduces pollution and gives customers more choice. Let’s make Minnesota state #15 and the first one in the Midwest to adopt clean car standards. 

I’m a business owner and I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Clean car standards are important to businesses like mine because they will serve as an economic and workforce engine for our state. Clean energy jobs will play a key role in our state’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery and my business depends upon a healthy and financially stable Minnesota workforce. Clean Cars Minnesota will keep our state on the right track to reduce our carbon footprint all while aligning with our business goals. 


I’m a business owner and I support Clean Cars Minnesota. As a business owner, keeping abreast of market trends helps me to make sound financial decisionsCompanies who have set carbon reduction goals, like Target, 3M, and Best Buy, could more easily meet these goals through fleet electrification with clean car standards. . Clean Cars Minnesota presents a major opportunity for companies to reduce their carbon emissions and build on our state’s history of innovation and leadership. 

Sample Comments About Health

I’m a parent and I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Cleaner cars mean cleaner air for my kids, along with other vulnerable folks like the elderly and those with preexisting conditions who are most affected by the harmful effects of vehicle emissions. Clean Cars Minnesota will dramatically reduce these emissions and help protect my kids (and everyone else too!) when they’re waiting at the bus stop, walking in the neighborhood, or even just playing in the yard. Human health is at stake and the longer we wait, the more kids whose current and future health and wellbeing will be harmed by dirty vehicle emissions. 

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Cars and trucks on the roads are a major source of air pollution in our state. I live near a busy road and worry about the soot and ozone released from every cartruck, and bus that passes my home. I understand that most people rely on a gas-powered vehicle of some kind to get around, but we have an opportunity in Minnesota to clean up our air with clean car standards. Clean Cars Minnesota would help reduce air pollution from transportation and make our state healthier.  

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Cleaner cars mean cleaner air for myself and my neighbors. I love to be outside in my neighborhood but worry about how the air pollution coming from the cars and trucks passing by are affecting my health. I know that pollution harms lungs and hearts, especially when breathed in regularly. I also know that communities of color and low-income communities bear the brunt of the negative health impacts from air pollution. Clean Cars Minnesota would dramatically reduce these emissions and help protect me and everyone in my neighborhood. 

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Air pollution is a serious issue in our state and the health of Minnesotans hangs in the balance. Clean Cars Minnesota is a major step toward cleaning up our air. Communities of color and under-resourced communities currently bear the brunt of negative health impacts from air pollution - especially pollution caused by transportationPolicies like Clean Cars Minnesota are a step toward dismantling policies and other systemic barriers that disproportionally harm Minnesota’s most vulnerable and marginalized communities.  

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. The federal government has been  reversing the progress made on reducing air pollution in our country. If Washington won’t lead, Minnesota will and Governor Walz has shown strong leadership in pushing for innovative solutions to the climate crisis. Clean Cars Minnesota would keep Minnesota on the right track for slowing climate change and reducing air pollution. 

Sample Comments About Consumer Choice and Independence from Fossil Fuels

I’m an EV owner and I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Driving an electric vehicle in Minnesota is a freeing experience. You can go from point A to point B without worrying about harmful tailpipe emissions and since EVs don’t have internal combustion engine they warm up much faster in the winter and have considerably lower maintenance costs. Clean Cars Minnesota would give the 6 in 10 prospective car buyers in Minnesota who are interested in electric vehicles the opportunity to actually see and test drive a much wider variety of makes and models - many of which currently don’t even make it to our state because they go to states with clean cars standards. Buying a car or truck is a big choice and Minnesotans deserve the chance to weigh all options. 

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Buying a car or truck is a big decision with so many factors to consider. Minnesotans deserve to be able to access to all the vehicles available in the U.S. marketplace when they’re deciding to buy or lease. Right now, many electric vehicles don’t even make it to Minnesota dealerships because they go straight to states like Maryland and Oregon with clean car standards - that’s just not fair. Minnesotans should be able to buy whichever car they want. 

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. For the average American household, transportation is the second largest expense after housing, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Electric vehicles can save people like me money because they have lower maintenance, operating, and fuel costs than a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. However, both new and used electric vehicles are hard to track down here in Minnesota because they often go straight to states like Maryland and Oregon with clean car standards – and that’s just not fair. Clean Cars Minnesota would bring more EVs to Minnesota's new and used car marketplace and drive down competition for specific makes and models in my price range. 

I’m not from the Twin Cities metro area and I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Clean cars save money on fuel costs, and as someone who drives longer distances that means more savings for me. But it’s hard to find the specific new or used car you want – especially if its electric – when you’re shopping outside of the Twin Cities. In rural Minnesota, we have the least access to the full range of makes and models available  in Minnesota and the U.S. Clean Cars Minnesota would change that by bringing more types of cars and trucks heregiving us more options to choose from.   

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Minnesota is in a toxic relationship with Big Oil and it’s time to cut ties. We need to do everything we can to reduce Minnesota’s dependence on fossil fuels and transition to clean, local energy that doesn’t harm our lakes, forests, air, and people. With Clean Cars Minnesota more Minnesotans will transition to a zero emission or low emission vehicle when they buy or lease their next car or truck, and thus reduce our dependence upon fossil fuels. 

I support Clean Cars Minnesota. Minnesota imports tons of gallons of oil annually while at the same time producing lots of electricity from clean sources from wind and power that’s even cheaper than gasoline – why? Let’s harness the wind and the sun to power our vehicles with Minnesota-grown energy that’s clean to boot! Clean Cars Minnesota is a win-win-win. It will put more EVs on the road, increase the demand for home-grown clean energy, and boost clean energy jobs.   

Step 2: Submit using our online form.

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