Stacy A. Cook, right, Vice President and General Manager of Koda Energy, at the combined heat and power biomass plant in Shakopee MN, Wednesday, April, 23, 2014.

Energy Performance

Fresh Energy is helping Minnesota reduce waste and use smart technology across the whole utility system, preventing the need for new power plants and generating savings. Our work with utilities shapes rate designs and helps maintain the low-cost energy we value in our state.

Minnesota Commission approves Xcel Energy’s innovative time-of-use rate pilot

In Xcel Energy’s new time-of-use pilot, customers can save money by using electricity at different times of day.

Light bulb pricing in the Twin Cities

Do households in the Twin Cities face disparities in access to purchasing efficient and affordable lighting options? Fresh Energy recently conducted a pilot study to find out.

Strategic electrification and revenue decoupling: different purpose, same goal

While strategic electrification and revenue decoupling seem to pull in different directions, they are complementary and necessary policies that drive towards a highly efficient decarbonized economy. Learn why.

Utility success shows state energy efficiency policies are working

Strong policies are key to maximizing smart energy savings in our state that benefit homes and businesses. Based on new reports, Minnesota programs are working!