Stacy A. Cook, right, Vice President and General Manager of Koda Energy, at the combined heat and power biomass plant in Shakopee MN, Wednesday, April, 23, 2014.

Energy Performance

Fresh Energy is helping Minnesota reduce waste and use smart technology across the whole utility system, preventing the need for new power plants and generating savings. Our work with utilities shapes rate designs and helps maintain the low-cost energy we value in our state.

Xcel Energy proposes step forward in good rate design

Xcel Energy is proposing to test time-of-use rates with roughly 10,000 residential customers in the Twin Cities metro area—encouraging customers to use less during the most expensive times of the day.

New analysis of electric water heaters shows need for cleaner energy mix

New analysis by Fresh Energy shows utilities need to clean up their energy mix in order to make electric water heaters environmentally beneficial.

Fresh Energy’s 25 years of progress on energy efficiency

When Fresh Energy was founded energy conservation was sort of a folksy thing that people taught their kids. Now, Minnesota is a leader on energy efficiency thanks to the energy savings and spending requirements included in the nation-leading 2007 Next Generation Energy Act. As the grid continues to get cleaner and cleaner, Fresh Energy’s efficiency work is shifting from focusing purely on energy savings and more on energy performance.

Fresh Energy proposes rate design that encourages energy savings for Minnesota Power

This week, Fresh Energy proposed a full revenue decoupling mechanism in Minnesota Power’s rate case at the Public Utilities Commission. Decoupling would benefit energy efficiency measures and provide rate stability in the Minnesota Power service territory.