Solar panels stand in a field. Behind them, wind turbines. In the foreground, bees among flowers. At the Westmill Solar and Wind Farm.

Clean Power

Catalyzing a massive shift in electricity generation toward a future powered by wind, solar, storage, and a modern electricity grid.

Minnesotans pay much less for electricity than their neighbors

Electricity bills in Minnesota are among the lowest in the Midwest and wind energy is, by far, our lowest-cost electricity generation source. So why the debate?

Dinner party download on 100 percent clean energy

So what does 100 percent carbon-free energy really mean? Our senior policy associate, Laura Hannah, shares a conversation with her dad on some commonly asked questions.

Transmission for a modern grid: a call to action

Now is the time for a reliable, resilient, and affordable transmission system. Our consultant Will Kaul explains why.

Negative prices in the MISO market: what’s happening and why should we care?

Since wind and solar power are nearly free to run when the wind is blowing and the sun is out, there is a concern that increased renewables may lead to more frequent negative pricing events. However, there has been little data.