Solar panels stand in a field. Behind them, wind turbines. In the foreground, bees among flowers. At the Westmill Solar and Wind Farm.

Clean Power

Catalyzing a massive shift to an energy future with wind, solar, storage, and a modern electricity grid to power our future.

Dinner party download on 100 percent clean energy

So what does 100 percent carbon-free energy really mean? Our senior policy associate, Laura Hannah, shares a conversation with her dad on some commonly asked questions.

Groundbreaking 100 percent clean energy bill introduced

Big news from the Capitol. A bill aimed to get Minnesota on a fast track to clean energy has been introduced. Get the full breakdown.

Transmission for a modern grid: a call to action

Now is the time for a reliable, resilient, and affordable transmission system. Our consultant Will Kaul explains why.

Negative prices in the MISO market: what’s happening and why should we care?

Since wind and solar power are nearly free to run when the wind is blowing and the sun is out, there is a concern that increased renewables may lead to more frequent negative pricing events. However, there has been little data.