Solar panels stand in a field. Behind them, wind turbines. In the foreground, bees among flowers. At the Westmill Solar and Wind Farm.

Clean Power

Catalyzing a massive shift in electricity generation toward a future powered by wind, solar, storage, and a modern electricity grid.

A First Look at Xcel’s $3B Clean Energy Proposal

Xcel Energy released an ambitious plan to jumpstart Minnesota’s economic recovery by accelerating spending on clean energy investments. There are still many unknowns, but our policy staff dove in to draw some initial conclusions. Take a look at what they’re celebrating and what needs more work.

Making Good Progress on the MISO 50 GW Gap!

The demand for renewable energy will soon exceed transmission capacity. Utility planners are beginning to look ahead and begin the planning process for transmission solutions that will both address the needs of the system and keep costs as low as possible for consumers.

Sherco Generating Station

Cutting Carbon and Increasing Savings: A Win-Win for Minnesotans

Xcel Energy has announced that it will change how it operates two of their Minnesota coal plants throughout the year, which projects to result in a 60% reduction in carbon emissions and millions of dollars in savings for customers.

An Update on Xcel’s Planned Investments in Grid Modernization

Xcel Energy is planning for grid modernization which will set the pace for the next decade. In May 2020, the PUC made decisions that will move grid modernization forward for Xcel Energy customers.