An xcelsior Charge bus, with green and black livery, is parked on a city street. A young woman walks down the bus' ramp.

Beneficial Electrification

Leading a healthy transition from oil and gas to clean, renewable electricity to power our homes, cars, and buses.

Fresh Energy Statement: Clean Cars Minnesota Draft Rule is Crucial Step Toward a Cleaner, Healthier Transportation System

Clean Cars Minnesota is a crucial step to building a cleaner and healthier transportation system in Minnesota.

Smart EV Buyer Guide for Minnesotans, December 2020 Edition

The EV market is changing fast. Get the scoop on market trends here and abroad, view a list of available EV models, check out the latest incentives, and more.

Midwest Buildings Leading the Zero Emissions Charge

Innovative buildings in the Midwest are saving owners thousands on energy bills and reducing carbon emissions. They’re good for people and our planet.

Clean Energy and Equity Highlights in the Bonding Bill

Fresh Energy had four key recommendations for special session, one of which was prioritizing bonding investments in transit and affordable housing.