An xcelsior Charge bus, with green and black livery, is parked on a city street. A young woman walks down the bus' ramp.

Beneficial Electrification

Leading a healthy transition from oil and gas to clean, renewable electricity to power our homes, cars, and buses.

New Report Shows Electric Vehicles = Lower Bills for All

More electric vehicles in Minnesota will make better use of the electric power grid and cut costs for all ratepayers regardless of whether they drive electric, a new study found. Learn more about the report by Synapse Energy Economics.

Electric Car

Provide Feedback on the VW Settlement Draft Plan

The draft plan for how the MPCA intends to spend Volkswagen settlement funding in Phase 2 (2020-2023) is now available on their website. Over the next four years, the agency will invest $23.5 million in projects that will reduce harmful air pollution and move Minnesota towards a cleaner transportation future.

EV Leaf Charging

An Update on Clean Cars

The momentum for Clean Cars is building, and it is critical that we keep it moving forward. Now through December 6, MPCA is accepting comments online related to the proposed Clean Cars rule.

EV Charger

Weigh In On Clean Cars

Governor Walz recently announced that Minnesota is moving forward with adopting rules that will deliver vehicles to the Minnesota market that produce less climate-change-causing pollution and will result in cleaner, healthier air for Minnesotans.