An xcelsior Charge bus, with green and black livery, is parked on a city street. A young woman walks down the bus' ramp.

Beneficial Electrification

Leading a healthy transition from oil and gas to clean, renewable electricity to power our homes, cars, and buses.

Clean Energy and Equity Highlights in the Bonding Bill

Fresh Energy had four key recommendations for special session, one of which was prioritizing bonding investments in transit and affordable housing.

Go Electric! A guide to kicking fossil fuel out of your life.

With the help of guest experts, Minnesotans sharing their experiences, and Fresh Energy staff, we have been exploring what transitioning from gas to electric means at a practical level.

18 Minnesota Groups Recognized for Electric Vehicle Advancement

Businesses, communities, education institutions, and nonprofits are pledging their support to advancing clean energy in Minnesota.

Fresh Energy Statement: One Year In, Clean Cars is Ready to Move

Over the past year, Clean Cars Minnesota inspired thousands of Minnesotans from all corners of the state to speak up in support of clean car standards.