An xcelsior Charge bus, with green and black livery, is parked on a city street. A young woman walks down the bus' ramp.

Beneficial Electrification

Leading a healthy transition from oil and gas to clean, renewable electricity to power our homes, cars, and buses.

Top 13

Our “Top 13” Accomplishments of 2019

The accelerating pace of climate change demands swift, bold action and we are rising to the challenge. To close the books on 2019, we’ve assembled this list of highlights. Together we made change happen!

What’s Up With the Cobalt Used in EV Batteries?

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, you’ve likely heard increased public debate about their pros and cons. While it’s exciting that people are talking about EVs, there is a lot of misinformation out there, including use of cobalt in EV batteries.

Smart EV Buyer Guide for Minnesotans, December 2019 Edition

Fresh Energy is working toward a future where Minnesotans are driving electric cars powered by clean, renewable electricity, not oil and gas. This guide is for savvy consumers who are ready to change things and start driving better cars.

New Report Shows Electric Vehicles = Lower Bills for All

More electric vehicles in Minnesota will make better use of the electric power grid and cut costs for all ratepayers regardless of whether they drive electric, a new study found. Learn more about the report by Synapse Energy Economics.