Clean Energy

Laura Hannah brings utility, business expertise to Fresh Energy

After ten years of experience in the private sector, Laura Hannah joined Fresh Energy in September as a new senior policy associate on the energy markets team. In that role, Laura will lead Fresh Energy’s work on policies to integrate increasing amounts of clean energy on the grid by improving the way distributed energy resources are connected and valued.

Andersen Corporation’s Pollinator-Friendly Solar Commitment

Andersen Corp. signed a pledge with other businesses, government agencies and nonprofits in the St. Croix River Valley to promote pollinator habitat in the region. We’re proud that our partners have committed to ensuring their solar gardens are pollinator-friendly.

Native Landscaping

Soil, Crop, & Storm Water Benefits of Solar Sites

When investing $1-$2 million per acre in solar panels, one tends to focus on the benefits directly generated by the new hardware — 100% fuel-free energy with no moving parts. However—simply by using the right seed mix—each of these sites can also provide significant agricultural benefits related to storm water, soil, and crop pollination.

Program Staff