Ross Hammond

Ross Hammond, chair emeritus for Fresh Energy’s board, is executive director of Ralph D. Thomas & Associates, a management and engineering consulting firm based in Minneapolis. Ross’s 30-plus years of experience in the energy industry includes a position as a senior-level internal consultant at a NRG Energy and an owner and creator of an independent consulting business. His work on behalf of energy developers, energy firms, government organizations, native tribes, and other organizations includes energy efficiency, energy use, work process analysis, strategic planning, and project management. Prior to his consulting career, Ross served four years as plant manager of a large coal power plant in Australia and as managing director of operations for NRG Asia Pacific. He also completed assignments at Northern States Power (now Xcel Energy), including director of environmental affairs, plant manager, and manager of high voltage electric maintenance. Ross’s prior experience includes project design and project management as an electrical engineer at Northern States Power. Ross holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and a certificate of management from the Minnesota Management Institute at the University of Minnesota. Ross also served in the United States Air Force and is a registered professional engineer.