Fresh Energy proposes decoupling, improved energy conservation for Otter Tail Power

Today, Fresh Energy filed expert testimony in Otter Tail Power’s current rate case at the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), proposing a full revenue decoupling mechanism that could improve energy conservation investments for consumers. Otter Tail Power had proposed increasing the monthly customer charge from $8.50 to $13.30. This monthly charge is largely seen as discouraging energy conservation and energy efficiency because customers will pay the same amount no matter how much energy they use. Fresh Energy instead put forward a decoupling proposal that would help address Otter Tail Power’s concerns around stable revenue streams while allowing for substantial energy efficiency efforts and cost savings by the utility and its customers

Fresh Energy welcomes senior policy associate Ben Rabe

Ben joined Fresh Energy in June of 2016 as a senior policy associate on the energy performance team, leading the organization’s work on energy efficiency related to building performance. We are thrilled to have Ben on the Fresh Energy team driving our efforts to maximize building efficiency through organization’s policy development and advocacy, legislative engagement, and communications work.

How decoupling has worked so far

Thanks to recent decisions by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, including one earlier this year, some Minnesota utilities are now utilizing a decoupling policy for the first time. Now, with decoupling policies underway, we’re working to research how best to capture their impacts.