April 16 | Workshop on “Energy from Renewables: Envisioning a Brighter Future”

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Fresh Energy’s Jukka Kukkonen will be presenting on electric vehicles at the Workshop on Energy from Renewables: Envisoning a Brighter Future. Join Jukka and speakers from utilities, government agencies, the non-profit sector, business, and academia, who will share their perspectives on topics of crucial importance including:

  • Climate change
  • Large scale and small scale photovoltaic systems
  • Wind and solar energy production
  • Integrating wind and solar into the grid
  • Siting and forecasting of wind and solar
  • Electric transportation
  • Storage and
  • Conservation

This workshop is open to high school science teachers, students, Minnesota college educators, and citizens and community organizations concerned with sustainability and environmental issues.

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus
Building location TBD

Register online by April 1.

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