An exciting new opportunity for Ellen Palmer!

It’s been a season of many changes here at Fresh Energy—but with great change often comes great opportunity. We’d like to share the bittersweet news that our long-term Chief Operations and Finance Director, Ellen Palmer, has decided to accept a new career opportunity as the Vice President, Finance and Operations for Eric and Andrew Dayton’s four Minnesota-based businesses, including Askov Finlayson, a climate positive outdoor apparel company, and The Bachelor Farmer, a Nordic restaurant in the North Loop.

Ellen has been deeply embedded into the critically important behind-the-scenes work at Fresh Energy for over a decade.  She’s been the mastermind behind our successful yearly financial audits, building transparency and accountability for both our staff and board of directors. In her key human resources role, Ellen has laid the building blocks for a workplace culture that is family-friendly, fun, and forward-thinking. She’s been a cornerstone of Fresh Energy’s organizational success and we will miss her greatly!

We’re happy to report that Ellen will be continuing to support climate-action driven work in her new position. Askov Finlayson has been a strong advocate for climate friendly business practices and currently donates 110 percent of their business climate cost to environmental organizations working on solutions to “Keep the North Cold.” Thank you, Ellen, we wish you much success in your new role!

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