September 17 | Smart and Fast: Cars remaking the world of the electric company

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Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and Robert Graham of the U.S. Department of Energy will discuss what it means to lead on EVs and what the expanding market means for utilities and consumers.

The Power Pairings Breakfast Series creates a platform for thought leaders from a variety of industries to come together and discuss the ideas that could change the world we live in.

7:00-7:30AM Registration and Networking Breakfast
7:30-8:00AM Speakers

8:00-8:30AM Engaging discussion

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Greg Ballard made Indianapolis the first major city in the United States to commit to the conversion of its entire municipal non-police fleet to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles and a plan to convert the entire city government vehicle fleet to post-oil technology by 2025, citing concern over energy security and compromises to national security created by national oil dependence.

Robert Graham leads the US Department of Energy initiative to increase market penetration of plug-in electric vehicles. An expert on public policies that support EV expansion and infrastructure around the nation, Graham formerly managed plug-in readiness for Southern California Edison and the electric transportation program at the Electric Power Research Institute.

The event will take place in the Weyerhaeuser Board Room in Weyerhaeuser Hall on the southeast corner of Grand Avenue and S. Macalester Street in St Paul. More information about parking can be found on the Macalester website.

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