Progress on a bipartisan Clean Energy Jobs package

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post-top-Rally10As the legislature moves toward their final committee deadlines and toward the traditional Easter/Passover break, progress continues to be made on a Clean Energy Jobs package that moves Minnesota forward. There are bipartisan authors for an improved Renewable Energy Standard and Energy Efficiency Resource Standard and both were recently included in the omnibus energy bill in the Senate. Lawmakers have been hearing directly from their constituents about what clean and efficient energy means for their communities, but they’ve also begun seeing more and more coverage on these issues in the media. Pieces ranging from the water saved by using clean energy to the economic benefits of moving our investments into more homegrown energy sources have been popping up everywhere from Winona in southern Minnesota to Walker, up north. There’s still plenty of time left before the end of the legislative session, but it’s clear that momentum is building toward a clean energy jobs package that can spur economic development and preserve our environment for decades to come.

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