August 21 – September 1 | 2014 Eco Experience

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New highlights for 2014
This year’s Eco Experience features an array of new exhibits that highlight innovations in technology, clean energy, green living, efficiency, and conservation.

  • Minnesota’s changing climate exhibit: See how climate change is impacting Minnesotans and learn how to prepare for changes and improve the resiliency of our communities. The exhibit also explains how to reduce carbon pollution at work, school, and on the road.
  • High-performance construction methods for new homes: This huge new exhibit is about new construction that creates homes that are more comfortable, have lower maintenance and insurance costs, will last for generations, use less energy, water, and construction materials, have better indoor air quality, and can have zero annual energy costs.
  • Pollinators in the garden: Field Outdoor Spaces has designed a garden space in front of the Eco Experience with straw bale gardens, urban gardens, and model beehives.
  • Healthy fish choices: Learn about how mercury gets into fish, what the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is doing to reduce mercury emissions, and how to make healthy fish choices for your family.

Enter the Minnesota Climate Change photo contest! This year, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is sponsoring a photo contest to highlight the impact that climate change is already having in Minnesota. Submit your photo that conveys our changing environment, extreme weather, human adaptation to weather change, energy reduction, and more. Photos must be submitted by Monday, July 7. Learn more.

Visit the Eco Experience website for more highlights and a full list of exhibitors.

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