Past meets present: Advertising for electric vehicles set for major resurgence

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post-top-EV-charging-signMinnesota recently became the first state in the United States to set a statewide standard for electric vehicle (EV) refueling. The new standard means that utilities will provide an off-peak EV refueling rate (expected to be equivalent to less than $0.99 per gallon). It also provides for an all-renewable energy refueling option.

As noted by trade publication Utility Dive, “the law will also allow utilities to advertise and promote their electric vehicle recharging rates on television and other media.” Previously, utilities have been discouraged from using promotion and advertising to increase the sales and use of electricity. Under the statute, Minnesota also becomes the first rate-regulated state to explicitly authorize utility recovery of the costs for raising customer awareness about the financial, energy, and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.

Helping mark the growing popularity of EVs, the Bakken Museum is presenting an exhibition of advertisements for EVs from the early 1900s. The exhibition, Absolutely Horseless, runs June 24 through November 15. Learn more and see several sample ads from the exhibition.

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