Statement on legal challenge to Minnesota’s Next Generation Energy Act

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For Immediate Release: April 18, 2014

ST. PAULMichael Noble, executive director of Fresh Energy, issued the following statement on North Dakota’s challenge to Minnesota’s Next Generation Energy Act:

“The outcome of North Dakota’s lawsuit will not have any practical impact on the market. The world is moving on from coal,” said Fresh Energy executive director Michael Noble in response to a federal court decision today.

“Everybody knows that a new coal plant will never be built. It’s uneconomical, impractical, and consumers don’t want coal. The world is changing at an increasing rate—solar and wind industries are experiencing double-digit growth. Everyone’s talking about next-generation energy solutions.”

“With this decision, Judge Nelson puts increased pressure and responsibility at the federal level to regulate harmful carbon dioxide pollution.”

“New technology and consumer demand is transforming the energy market. Industries facing dynamic change often use the courts to try to stifle competition from innovative new solutions—it doesn’t work.”

Michael Noble is available for comment or questions at 612-963-1268 or by email at


Fresh Energy has transformed widely held economic and environmental ideals into smart energy policy for more than 20 years. Through advocacy, research, and collaboration, we work to fight global warming, make clean energy more available, and provide people less polluting, more efficient transportation options.

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