One thought on “How to: Recycling energy-efficient light bulbs

  1. It’s been my experience ( & that of many other people that I know) that most CFLs bought in discount stores like Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, etc, etc, etc and which do have well known brand labels on them – ARE NOT ENERGY EFFICIENT!

    Who are you all trying to fool???

    Many of these types of CFLs just last a matter of days, weeks or months, perhaps a year or two, if lucky. I’ve had old incandescent light bulbs last longer than that!!! Considering the amount that needs to be purchased to keep up with how often they go out, not only are these less efficient, but more hazardous to the environment, if not recycled properly

    However, when better (not mainstream) brands are purchased at independently owned special “Alternative Energy” stores, the CFLs actually do live up to their reputation – I had one of these last 15 years. However, these better quality bulbs cost 4 times more than the ones purchased at the typical “Home Improvement” Stores (mentioned above). Which stores do you think most American consumers shop at?

    I think there should be some truth in the promotion of these things!!!