100% in Minnesota

The 100% law is about more than clean energy.

In Minnesota, we are innovators, we care for our neighbors, and we work towards a future where everyone can thrive. We are meeting the climate challenge head-on by creating a clean energy future that ensures the health and well-being of Minnesotans and our natural resources for generations to come.

The 100% clean electricity bill, which was passed by the Minnesota Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Tim Walz on February 7, 2023, will help us end our reliance on harmful fossil fuels that damage the climate, communities, and our health. Learn more about 100% on our blog and use the links below to reach out to your legislators to thank them for supporting a clean energy future that’s good for all Minnesotans.

Thank your senator for passing 100%

The 100% clean electricity bill is a BIG DEAL and will now head to the desk of Governor Tim Walz to be signed into law. Will you send your senator a note to say thanks for voting YES on 100%?


Thank House members for passing 100%

The Minnesota House vote was a crucial, landmark moment for the 100% clean electricity bill. Will you send your representative a note to say thanks?