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2016 No. 7 – July

Global Warming

Technology, innovation, and energy

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A child born in Cairo, Egypt, Ramez Naam went on to become a leading expert on technology and innovation. On October 5, Ramez Naam will keynote Fresh Energy’s inaugural fundraising breakfast, bursting with insights that with the right policy framework, another wave of technology innovation just might be genius enough to maximize our chances of overcoming one of humankind’s most daunting and intractable problems: climate change and fossil fuel dependency.

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Clean Energy

MN regulators adopt first of its kind value of solar rate

Solar + barn - wabasha-mn-barn-photo-by-aquilla-solar-fe-received-permission-to-use-3-24-17_25940244141_o

Today, Minnesota regulators adopted a value of solar rate for Xcel Energy’s community solar program – consistent with detailed recommendations made by Fresh Energy. The decision comes after more than a year of work by nonprofits, utilities, solar businesses, and regulators to shape the next phase of Xcel Energy’s community solar program. Though there has been tremendous interest in community solar in Minnesota so far, progress on the solar gardens themselves had been slow. However, we now expect 400 – 450 MW of community solar projects in service by the end of 2017. Today’s decision will apply to the next phase of community solar projects.

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Energy Efficiency

Fresh Energy Welcomes Senior Policy Associate Ben Rabe

Rabe Ben HW

Ben joined Fresh Energy in June of 2016 as a senior policy associate on the energy performance team, leading the organization’s work on energy efficiency related to building performance. We are thrilled to have Ben on the Fresh Energy team driving our efforts to maximize building efficiency through organization’s policy development and advocacy, legislative engagement, and communications work.

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Energy Efficiency

Fresh Energy Welcomes Our Summer Fellows

Fellows collage.fw

Fellows help power Fresh Energy programs – and provide professional experience to emerging clean energy leaders. This summer, Fresh Energy is excited to welcome our summer fellows Ana Diaz, Kate Strickland, and Saskia Zinn. We also recently said farewell to our spring fellow Dave Evans.

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