Powering Progress


2015 No. 11 – November

Global Warming

Attorney General Lori Swanson announces support of the Clean Power Plan


Today, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson was joined by a coalition of 24 other attorneys general, cities, and counties around the country to intervene in support of the Clean Power Plan in a federal lawsuit. Since it was announced on August 3, numerous organizations, companies, utilities, and government officials have praised the Clean Power Plan and its first ever national limits on carbon emissions from power plants.

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Energy Efficiency

Schools save money by cutting energy waste

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For many public schools, deciding to track their energy performance is fairly straightforward. As Steve Lund, Energy Manager for Albert Lea Area Schools explains, “after staff, utilities are your next biggest cost.” Those big energy bills also present a big opportunity to find some real savings.

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Energy Efficiency

How much energy do our schools use?

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Resilient schools help cut waste out of our energy system while providing a more efficient and healthy learning space for our students and teachers, all while supporting local businesses. But in order to make your school building more resilient, you have to understand how it’s currently performing. Benchmarking energy usage is the simple, yet critical, first step toward understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our school buildings.

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